Why You Should Consider NuxtJS Over VueJS in 2023?
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Why You Should Consider NuxtJS Over VueJS in 2023?


As a JavaScript developer, you have many options for front-end frameworks like Angular and React but now developers have options for VueJS and NuxtJS as well. While both frameworks are great for building dynamic and interactive user interfaces, NuxtJS offers several advantages over VueJS that make it a better choice for many projects in 2023.

First, let’s check the difference between NuxtJS and VueJS:

VueJS is a client-side framework that aids in the development of single-page applications, which is the fundamental distinction between it and NuxtJS. There are a few exceptions to the rule, even though this method enhances user experience and speed.

Because single-page applications only send the HTML and CSS of the web page, the browser may take longer to load the website. Together, the browser would also need to bring some interesting content to the programme. This implies that search engines don’t have time to scan through the site’s content while the browser is busy obtaining the code.

Due to its ability to handle both client-side and server-side rendering, Nuxt elevates your website and apps to new heights. Additionally, it fixes the majority of problems by rendering the single-page applications that are produced on the server. Additionally, server-side rendering describes the preloading of the website via the server, which aids in producing a page that is ready to be displayed for each request performed.

Additionally, it is utilised to index the search engine during crawling, which enhances the functionality and SEO of the website. As it renders the application statically and aids in delivering the advantages of universal apps without the server, Nuxt also functions as a static site generator. It is already set up to produce a global Vue.

Core Features of Nuxt:

Nuxt.js is a frontend technology for building Vue.js applications. It offers features such as –

  1. Server-Side Rendering (SSR) Support: One of the main advantages of NuxtJS is its automatic server-side rendering (SSR) support. With SSR, the application’s HTML and CSS are generated on the server and sent to the client, providing a fast and smooth initial load time. This is especially important for search engine optimization (SEO) since search engines have a hard time crawling and indexing JavaScript-heavy websites.
  2. Built-in Routing: Another advantage of NuxtJS is its built-in, opinionated routing system. This makes it easy to set up routes and handle navigation without having to write a lot of code. NuxtJS also automatically generates a router configuration based on the file structure of your pages, reducing the amount of setup and configuration you have to do.
  3. Modular Architecture: NuxtJS provides a modular architecture with a centralized store, making it easier to manage the state of your application. This architecture allows you to organize your code into reusable modules, making it easier to maintain and scale your codebase.
  4. Official Packages and Modules: NuxtJS has a large community and many official packages and modules to choose from, making it easier to add functionality to your application. From authentication and authorization to internationalization and analytics, NuxtJS has a module for almost every need.
  5. Improved Performance: NuxtJS is optimized for performance, with features such as automatic code splitting and lazy loading of components. This helps to improve the loading speed of your website and provides a better user experience.

In conclusion, while both VueJS and NuxtJS are great frameworks for building web applications, NuxtJS offers several advantages that make it a better choice for many projects in 2023. From its automatic SSR support to its built-in routing and modular architecture, NuxtJS provides a complete solution for building fast and scalable web applications.

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