chatGPT: Life will become easy with chatGPT from 2023
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chatGPT: Life will become easy with chatGPT from 2023


chatGPT is a very trending topic in December 2022 on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram. Over 1 million users signed up in 5 days after its release on December 1, 2022, which is faster than Facebook, Netflix, and Instagram.

People behind openAI are launched this new AI engine called chatGPT. In near future, there is a high chance that it will become the 1 alternative to google, due to the accuracy of results, and on-point answers.

If you are a content creator then this tool will definitely help you grow at a very fast pace. With the help of chatgpt you can write Youtube Scripts for your youtube channel, you can write some brand content as well, and you can suggest some business names/ brand names based on domains. chatgpt also helps you to provide content-based services to your client, content writing services, email marketing campaigns, help clients to write product descriptions and lots of other ways.

chatGPT gives you an answer in a human-based manner, where based on your input, this AI engine will generate the answer. It is the same as your best friend explaining you hardest topic in a very easy manner just before the 1 hour of the exam.

openAI has 2 more amazing AI engines apart from chatGPT and those are codex and Dalle-2. Codex is for programmers, if you have any issues in writing code and you are stuck somewhere in code then this codex engine will help to solve the problem. Codex engine is the engine behind tools like GitHub co-pilate, which is useable in near future. Dalle-2 is an image generator tool, where you can generate the image that you want based on the input that you will provide.

Using chatGPT you can do activities like Q&A, assignment/essay writing, Ask for Coding start templates, Ask for fixing issues of existing code, Ask for any specific product selling ideas, Ask for any legal formalities of business, Ask for Business ideas, etc.

Here are a few examples of accurate user input;

  1. What are the legal formalities required to do Shopify dropshipping business from India?
  2. How to use the guzzle package to call API in laravel framework?

Now suppose you want to know about the formula to find avg for a car, but you asked normal maths avg formula then it does not give you the desired result you want. You need to be specific about what you ask.

I hope this explanation will help you. Please let me know in the comment section about your experience and thoughts on chatGPT, and also how it is going to help you in the future.

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