5 essential Reasons to use Progressive Web App(PWA) in 2023
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5 essential Reasons to use Progressive Web App(PWA) in 2023

Progressive Web Apps

A Progressive Web Application (PWA) is a type of web application that is designed to work offline and function like a native mobile app. PWAs use modern web technologies such as service workers and web app manifests to provide a seamless user experience across different devices and platforms.

To stay ahead in the market, companies have to adopt emerging technological trends quickly and efficiently. Amongst the latest technologies, smartphone technology has seen huge growth. Progressive Web App is one of them. They are less costly and less time-consuming to develop and are more widely available.


As you can see in the above image, if the website app is configured with Progressive Web App(PWA) then you will able to see the install/download button which is marked as red in the above image.

One of the key benefits of Progressive Web Apps is that it can be accessed directly from a user’s home screen, without the need for them to visit an app store or go through a complicated installation process. This makes it easier for users to access your app, which can result in increased engagement and conversion rates.

Progressive Web Apps are also designed to work offline, meaning that users can still access the app and its content even if they don’t have an internet connection. This is particularly useful for businesses that want to provide a consistent experience for users in areas with poor internet connectivity.

Another advantage of PWAs is that they can be indexed by search engines, making it easier for users to find your app through organic search results. PWAs can also be shared via a URL, making it easy for users to share the app with friends and family.

PWAs can be built using popular front-end frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue.js, and can be deployed to a web server or a content delivery network (CDN) like AWS Cloudfront, Akamai, and Cloudflare.

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There are 5 reasons to use Progressive Web Apps(PWA)

  1. Simple: Because they are working on a single technology
  2. Reliable: Because they perform very smoothly
  3. Attractive: Because they provide the best user experience using service workers.
  4. Fast: Because they responded quickly
  5. Engaging: Because they feel natural

Conclusion: PWAs can provide a better user experience and increased engagement and conversion rates for businesses, while also being more easily discoverable and shareable. If you’re considering building a mobile app, it’s worth considering a PWA as an option, as they can provide many of the benefits of a native app, while also being more cost-effective and easier to maintain.

It’s worth noting that PWAs are still a relatively new technology and there are some limitations to what they can currently do (compared to a native app), but as technology advances, PWAs will be able to do more and more.

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